A family owned business that’s the daily morning stop for everyone in Bloomsbury.

With fresh food cooked daily, we proud ourselves with infusing our beloved customers with (at least) a shot of happiness and caffeine every day, along with delicious meals and treats for lunch.



Carefully curated, tried and tested: the menu represents our best work that's available everyday for the tastebuds of our beloved guests. Refined over time, it carries a hidden history of tweaks and adjustments as we've been hearing from our clients.



A joyous mix of good energies, high spirits and cheerfulness. That’s the embodiment of  49 Cafe. We’re not saying it, our guests do! No wonder they’re queuing every morning to join us again.

For those of you want to join the community, come over to say hi!





"I've been coming here for lunch almost every day for more than a year. The ciabattas are fantastic, they use really good bread which a lot of cafes just don't have. The pastas are nice too, best had with one of their lovely salads. Oh, and they stock the best hand cook crisps!”
- George C.
“We absolutely adored this cafe.  We came here for breakfast everyday we were in London and we ordered something different each day.  The food is very reasonably priced and it is well-prepared.  The ingredients are fresh and the staff works like a well-oiled machine.  This cafe stole our hearts and we really appreciate the hard work of establishments like this.”
- Sarah T.
"This is a great example of a simple little cafe that just works! Been here a few times and enjoyed the food every time! Over lunch time during the week, the queue will be out the door but it moves pretty quickly! The staff get things going and are ready to help as soon as you step through the entrance. There is a wide variety of sandwiches/baguettes/bagels and the like with various fillings!"
- Steven W.
"This place offers the highest standard of food you would find nearby. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and with a lot of care. The menu is hugely varied and you would find a lot of unique dishes there. The portions, for both eating in and taking away, are very generous and the food is absolutely delightful. The service is prompt, efficient and attentive. Definitely recommended!"
- Tanya A.
“I had the English Breakfast and tea with milk, I loved it, I couldn't finish it but it was very tasty! Everything was well seasoned and I really enjoyed my meal here, it's a very small cafe but it's so cute and the staff gives really good service, I recommend this place!"
- Roxanna R.
“I tried this place and had a wonderful time here. The food was excellent, especially the pasta and paella which was cooked to perfection. the service was pretty efficient with the staff being quite warm and friendly. This place is quite neat and clean and the ambience is great. I would highly recommend you to try this cafe.”
- Jessica T.